Mumbai rains have made the life of the citizens topsy-turvy with waterlogging and heavy downpour which has led many people stranded on the road. In a situation where everyone is suffering, the best is to help each other by offering a helping hand. Well, a Navi Mumbai resident offered a ride to people standing on the road during heavy rainfall, but instead of being appreciated of the good deed, he was fined by Mumbai Police.

A 32-year-old Nitin Nair was giving a lift to three strangers including a senior citizen during heavy rainfall in Mumbai. The traffic police caught him for the gesture and fined him with Rs 1,500. The cops also took his license away.

After the incident, Nitin shared a post on his Facebook account and wrote, “On Monday Morning (18th June 2018) when I was on my way to office.. I saw few office goers near Airoli Circle desperately looking for a lift as it was raining heavily and all public transport was either crowded or late..One of them was an elderly (at least 60+) person and other two guys were working for a reputed IT company (I could make out from their Office ID card). I stopped by the side of the road. They said that they wanted to go to Gandhi Nagar. I asked them to get in, as Gandhi Nagar was on my way to the office. The moment they got in, and I started the car, One traffic Police officer in a towing vehicle waylaid me and asked me to show him my license. At first, I thought that probably I stopped in a no parking area….”

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After his License got confiscated by the cop, his co-passengers were not asked to take some other mode of the transport. In fact, the Navi Mumbai resident dropped them to their destination. The following day, he went to the police station where he was informed that he needs to go to the court, accept his mistake in front of the judge and pay the fine to get his license back.

On June 22, he was called to the court at 10 am and was made sit till 1 pm. Talking about his court experience, he wrote in his post, “Today (Friday 22nd June 2018), I was called to the court at 10 AM by the Police guy.. I went there at 9.30 AM, and they made me sit in the court corridor till 1 PM (looking at handcuffed criminals and dance bar girls being escorted in the court) At 1 PM I was called inside the court room.. I had to stand there as if I was some criminal in front of the judge, with the courtroom filled with lawyers and other people discussing their respective cases (Yes!! It was very filmy). The judge called out my name, and I have to accept my mistake and come out of the courtroom. Felt pathetic .. :(.”

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic), Nitin Pawar spoke to a leading daily about the incident and said, “If any person has good intentions, the law must not be applied in such cases. We must encourage people to help other people in a crisis.”