Rains in Mumbai have created havoc across the city with normal life being disrupted. Traffic jams, waterlogging and local trains running late have added to the woes Mumbaikars are currently suffering. The downpour is likely to continue for the next 24 hours according to the MeT department predictions with a high tide expected in the afternoon. Delayed flights and cancellation of many have created have left passengers worrying in the waiting rooms of the Mumbai airports. With schools, colleges and government offices being shut, most Mumbaikars have chosen to stay indoors, however, there are still many who braved to go to offices and reach other important places.

Mumbai Dabbawalas Cancel Delivery Due to Heavy Rains & Flood: When Else Were Tiffin Services Shut Down?

Mumbai Dabbawalas Cancel Delivery Due to Heavy Rains & Flood: When Else Were Tiffin Services Shut Down?

Amidst, tweets of positivity and asking people to stay strong, Twitter has a list of problems that the rains in Mumbai have caused for them. With low visibility rate, around 20 flights were affected with seven of them being diverted to Hyderabad, Vadodara and Ahmedabad airports. Meanwhile, people are also offering help on the micro-blogging site to people stranded in the rains.

Here are tweets of people severely affected or trying to offer help in Mumbai during the rains:

Kudos to this one!

Water-logging woes

The condition looks really bad

The suburban train movement was slowed down yesterday and continue to be so

We really hope you make it to the place on time

I had to check Twitter to confirm this

The worst wait fearing all things bad

Let’s laud the helping hands

Heavy rains along with thunder and lightning lashed the city yesterday afternoon. Mumbai is fearing a repeat of the massive floods last month which brought the city to a standstill. home to around 20 million residents, went under floodwaters and slush. A SpiceJet plane carrying 183 people overshot the wet runway at the Mumbai airport while landing and got stuck in the mud at around 10 pm on Tuesday. All passengers were safely evacuated after which the main runway was closed flight operations were suspended for several hours.