Most of the time robberies take place in running trains and commuters do not realise their phones or wallets are missing until it is too late. Recently, a video of a Mumbai woman beating a railway clerk has gone viral. Nandini Belekar, who had gone to purchase a railway ticket had mistakenly left her mobile at the ticket counter of Mumbai Central railway station. Realising her fault, she returned back to the counter and asked about her phone to the Indian Railways staff. But, he denied having seen her mobile.

As the woman suspected he was lying, she entered his cabin and saw that he had the phone, and had removed the SIM card from it. Hence, she lost her anger and slapped him left to right.

The ticket seller, Sr ACC Manoj Jaiswal is an Indian Railway employee and it’s shocking to know a worker stealing mobile phones. The video of the incident was recorded by one of the passengers on June 20 and now it has gone viral.

Watch the viral video here:


While speaking with mid-day, Ravindra Bhakar, CPRO Western Railway, said, “The female passenger alleged that she forgot her mobile at the booking counter at Mumbai Central at 6 pm. She checked the clerk’s pocket and found her mobile.”

According to officials, the maximum number of theft cases are reported from Central Railway at 3907 followed by Western Railway (2844), Northern Railway (2480) and Southern Railway (2093). In case of an emergency, passengers can dial the helpline number 182 which is operational.