Music therapy: 5 things music can help you with

There is more to music than we hear. Don’t you always believe that music might be how your feelings sound out loud? Into the void there begins to form a third space which is tenuous and invisible to others but exists only between you and the music even if you are a music lover or not. Audio therapy is one of the best modes of letting go of your blues. There is scientific research to back up the fact about the healing properties of music. It is a proven fact that music indeed lowers your stress levels to a great extent.

Let’s look at a few more probable situations when you can turn to music for your exclusive audio therapy.

Break up

The loss of your loved one is indeed very disturbing and an emotionally turbulent experience to get over easily. Coping up with a broken heart and healing after a break up. But you can always turn to music. You need to realize ending a bad romance can create new opportunities and allowing you to move on to the greener pastures. Whine a little but restrict it to less time , moreover indulge in some good music to get over your bad breakup.

Moving on

So you are one of them who don’t whine over another person for months and try to move on soon is a good sign. Let’s keep it moving. Use music to motivate yourself. Don’t hold onto your old relationships and definitely don’t hold any grudges. Drown yourself in some pretty amazing artist’s vocals and watch your blues go away.


So you get bored of being bored to death! No wonder you are driving yourself insane. No one like a dull day with nothing to do, when feeling bored don’t you sleep all your moments away. And don’t you whine always about how bored you are being bored. Learn to overcome your emotional state of not being interested into anything. Use you boom box when boredom strikes!


So you came to realize the world doesn’t revolve around you. You could delve into some melodies to get a rich feel how worse your life could be. People might tag you for being a bit self centered but you don’t have to give a damn about what they say. You might just be another kind of an introvert species and get satisfied pretty much on your own without anyone else’s company. You could learn and feel better through tunes.

Other people

You are not a people person? There are some people in your life who bore you significantly? So you don’t like being around enjoying the company of people rather enjoy it more alone, you could use some music to your rescue here. Go beyond the company of people and discover you never need anything else with a little help from music.

So the next time you find yourself drowning into blue, plug your earphones in and let yourself into the world of music and lyrics