Are men always courteous when it comes to helping a woman in need? This social experiment was conducted, to test whether people are biased towards woman or do they have a negative connotation when they come across a woman wearing a hijab (Muslim head dress). In this social experiment video a woman is first seen in a low cut top paired with a leather jacket trying to fix her flat tyre near a sidewalk. She is immediately approached by many people who offer to help her change the flat Tyre. She is in a way overwhelmed by the reaction coming from many people reaching out to her when she was in need.(ALSO READ: 27-year-old actress Sadaf Taherian forced to flee Iran after posing without Hijab!)

In the second instance the same woman changes into a hijab and wears a dress covering her whole body. Post which, she is seen struggling on her own trying to fix the flat tyre on the sidewalk. Although many people walk past her, no one seems to take notice of the woman, or rather people try to ignore the hijab clad woman, instead of helping her.(ALSO READ: You will be shocked to know what happened when 4 non-Muslim women wore Hijab for a day)

Later one of the American Muslim man approaches to help her, post which a couple of other people are seen talking to the woman to help her. The video will open your eyes about biased nature of people towards Muslim women clad in hijab and non-Muslim women. Watch the shocking social experiment below.(ALSO READ: Muslim vs Non Muslim woman: Watch biased reaction of people towards women of different cultures being physically abused)