There are all kinds of dogs, but we prefer little Pomeranians or Poodles as pets. Those who want bigger dogs go in for a Golden Retriever or a simple Mongrel, or huge ones like the German Shepherd, Alsatian or the Labrador. And then there is the fondness for the tall and spotted Great Danes or the big spotted Dalmatians. Rarely does a family or even the police have super big dogs as pets, unless you have a ranch or farmhouse, or a big bungalow to house it.

Looking at this video list of the Top 10 Biggest Dogs in the World, we wonder how the owners manage to take care of them. Nevertheless, however ferocious, every dog needs love! And it provides loyalty in return, doesn’t it?

So, would you own one of these? Check out the Top 10 Biggest Dogs in the World!