The transgender community in India, known as the hijra, is considered sacred for some reason. Their blessings are seen as auspicious and they are invited to bless newlyweds and also the newborn. They make a living out of blessing people in exchange for cash.

So, this time, their goodwill was put to good use and they were asked to spread awareness about reckless driving on roads that often leads to death.

The Seatbelt Crew is a group of transgender that dresses as airline crew members and step forward to give out some important message! They are giving safety instructions to all the reckless drivers by jazzing things up in their video message. They speak in their trademark way, saying, “Seat belt pehno, dua lelo (If you wear a seat belt, we will bless you)!”

Check out the unusual video below, brought out by the VithU app!