Even before Omung Kumar‘s biopic on PM Narendra Modi could go on the floor, a Rupesh Paul directorial is now in line and the teaser of the upcoming movie shows it to be based on the PM’s strong contender, Rahul Gandhi. Known for My Mother’s Laptop (2008), Saint Dracula (2012) and Kamasutra 3D, Rupesh Paul has helmed the movie, titled My Name is RaGa and traces the journey of Congress president Rahul Gandhi, from his childhood to his political career.

In a press release, Paul said, “The movie has no intentions to glorify Rahul or to demystify him. It’s the story of a coming back of a human being who had been ridiculously attacked. Anyone who has fearlessly confronted defeat and failure can relate to this story. In that sense, I don’t want to call this a biopic, it’s a story of any man who becomes unstoppable after he wins over a catastrophic life.”

The four-minute long teaser throws light on Rahul’s own struggle of being ready to step into active politics. It shows a young Rahul disturbed by the assassination of his grandmother, Indira Gandhi and his father, Rajiv Gandhi, the filmmaker tries to dig deep into the fears and anxieties of Rahul. Fighting personal demons and those in the Bharatiya Janata Party with Narendra Modi and Amit Shah lookalikes appearing in shots, Rahul finally becomes the people’s leader when Priyanka Gandhi becomes his support and leads him to take up the seat as the President of the Congress party.

According to reports, Aswini Kumar plays Gandhi, Himant Kapadiya is Modi and Raju Kher essays the role of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.