My period is not my shame: Girl who challenged Yo Yo Honey Singh says in new video!

Remember the girl who challenged Yo Yo Honey Singh in her stand-up act? Rene Verma had bajaoed the controversial singer in her video Open Letter to Honey Singh. The video of Rene’s parody rap went viral in minutes and has more than 16,00,000 hits on YouTube. We loved the way this stand-up comic turned into a female rapper and gave it back to sexist Yo Yo Honey Singh!

Now Rene has come up with another video, where she’s not targeting any celebrity. This time, she is hitting out at the society in general, at men and women who still think menstruation or a girl’s monthly periods are a taboo topic of discussion.

This video is in continuation of the #Imnotdown series of Sofy, a sanitary napkins brand that aims to spread awareness about the periods.