Photo Courtesy: YouTube

Nana Patekar’s famous laugh which shows his pain and sarcasm is famous right from hitting a Muslim man’s hand to show that a Hindu’s and a Muslim’s blood is same to the psychotic character he played in Taxi Number 9 2 11. The video with some of the most memorable dialogues by Nana Patekar have been compiled on a video by Pinch n Punch on their YouTube channel and is ready to be enjoyed by the world. [Read: Nana Patekar’s Ab Tak Chhappan 2 movie review]

The new dubstep from the makers features Nana Patekar and his epic dialogues with the a twist that makes for a fun watch. You would be surprised how many times Nana has ditched the character he is known for, the crazy and border-line psychotic man who is too frank for the people around him, to doing silly roles. From playing an overconfident photographer to a rural performer performing for the elite of the society and then coming back to his usual Nana way of acting. Check out the video below that features an amazing mix of Nana Patekar scenes.