PM Narendra Modi has decided to encourage the cause of healthy environment and save wildlife by appearing on popular Discovery channel show Man vs Wild. In a special episode shot with the show’s host Bear Grylls, PM Modi has explored the unchartered areas of the Jim Corbett National Park. Now, in his latest interaction with the Indian media, Grylls shared his experience of travelling with the ‘most important man in the country’. He talked to ANI in Wales and revealed that he has had the privilege of taking the same kind of tour with former US President Barack Obama and he found similarities between him and PM Modi.

While explaining how the Indian Prime Minister feels closely for the cause of environment protection, Grylls said that he went to Alaska with Obama and found his concerns similar to that of Modi. He was quoted saying, “I’ve had a huge privilege of taking Pres Obama on a trip to Alaska a few years ago..what was similar (between Obama and PM Modi) was that they were there for the same purpose- for driving this message of ‘we have to protect the environment’.”

Grylls went on to say that it’s a different feeling to see the all-time uptight world leaders trying to connect with the audience through issues that concern all of us.

Adding that he has been a fan of India and its culture since always, the BAFTA-winner called Modi an ‘iconic global leader.’ He said that he was deeply impressed by the humility of the Indian PM and how he always maintained a smile on his face despite all the odds. “PM Modi is a man who cares deeply about the environment. That is why he came on this journey with me. He has actually spent time in the jungle as a younger man and I was surprised how comfortable he was out there and how calm he was,” Grylls said.

Digging more into his great experience, he said that the viewers all across the world are going to see a never-seen-before sight of PM Modi. Grylls is also expecting this episode to be the most-watched TV show ever in the world. The show is going to be premiered on the channel on August 12.