Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama came together for a chat show ‘Mann Ki Baat’ on January 27 to address the nation through All India Radio (AIR). The fourth edition of Mann Ki Baat saw Modi and Obama share their experiences on several issues which are prevalent globally. There were many questions answered by both Modi and Obama. Modi became the prefect host and moderated the chat session diligently. The 30-minute chat show saw people connecting to two of the most prominent leaders in a first-of-its-kind initiative. (Also watch: Narendra Modi & Barack Obama on Mann Ki Baat special edition: Watch full video from All India Radio)

Mann Ki Baat’s episode on January 27 saw PM Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama express their thoughts on various global issues on radio, a media which seemed so passe long ago. Both Modi and Obama spoke on the ongoing social-economic topics that have been huge concerns the world over, in recent times. Modi also asked citizens to come forward and pledge their support in uniting the world. Modi also asked netizens to trend #YesWeCan in order to pledge their support. (Also read: Narendra Modi and Barack Obama speech on All India Radio Updates: Modi thanks Obama for his Mann Ki Baat and wishes country on Republic Day)

Netizens were all gung-ho on social networking sites Twitter and Facebook as #YesWeCan, #GovernanceDialogue and #ManKiBaat were trending on the top 10 topics. US President Barack Obama and PM Narendra Modi also talked about their past meeting which happened when both were ‘only citizens’ of their respective countries and held no posts. PM Narendra Modi recalled how Obama gifted him a book of 1894 titled ‘Compilation of speech of Vivekananda at World Religion Conference’. (Also read: Full Transcript of ‘Mann Ki Baat’: PM Narendra Modi & US President Barack Obama share their experiences on All India Radio)

On one hand where Barack Obama praised ideologies of Mahatma Gandhi, Narendra Modi heaped praises on Benjamin Franklin. The candid chat session saw both world leaders sharing insights of their lives on radio. Watch full video of PM Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama chatting for Mann Ki Baat special edition on All India Radio (AIR):