Remember the historical day when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made the shocking announcement about currency demonetization on November 8. Modi’s implementation of scrapping Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency note led  to chaos and confusion in the country, which is still reeling under the cash crunch. The PM is ready to address the nation once again and this time on the occasion of New Year’s Eve 2017. This came as a surprise announcement to many after country’s highest authorities confirmed about PM Modi’s speech on Saturday, December 31, 2016. It has shaken the Twitterverse beyond words. With Narendra Modi ready to say ‘Mitron’ once again on New Year’s Eve, Twitterati are questioning whether his speech will be just Happy New Year 2017 message or a new set of stringent drive is one its way. This speech from Modi come after his self-imposed 50-day deadline to end cash crunch recently expired. ALSO READ: Feku, Pappu, Bhakts, Trolls, & Anti-Nationals: Who are these new important characters of modern Indian politics?

The news of Narendra Modi’s address on New Year’s Eve startled the fellow Indians beyond words. After all the last time when Modi came to address the nation, it led to mayhem like situation, which unfortunately still continues. PM Modi’s demonetization drive included ban on Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes, introduction of new Rs 2000 notes, and more stringent rules and regulations regarding withdrawal and exchange of old banknotes of an illegal denomination. The pain and suffering felt on the previous account has led the Twitterati trolling the news of Prime Minister’s New Year’s Eve 2017 address to the nation.

Demonetization received mixed reactions with countrymen supporting the Indian Prime Minister and his team behind this historic step taken to keep black money issues, corruption and terror-funding in check. But as time passed by, reality settled in with daily lives of millions got affected. The country was left high and dry and no hope of situation getting no better has only worsened the matter.

Nevertheless, the Twitterati is enjoying poking fun at their Prime Minister, because, remember the Internet does not forget and forgive anyone. Twitterati takes light-hearted potshots at PM Modi’s seemingly dicey strategy, demonetization drive and his upcoming speech to the nation on New Year’s Eve 2017 on December 31, 2016. Here’s a look at the news almost breaking the internet and keeping Twitterverse an entertaining space to be.

Narendra Modi is ready to address the fellow Indians on New Year’s Eve. The man-in-charge is all set to wish the country a Happy New Year 2017. If you thought 2016 was not bad enough, came this news. Well, brace yourself because PM Modi is going to be your DJ for the celebrations party and you do not what new tunes the leader could play on December 31. ‘Never have been more scared’ is the common feeling on the social media.