NASA made an interesting announcement recently. After declaring that March 29 will see the first all-female spacewalk, it has stated that the first person after Neil Armstrong to be landing on the moon is likely to be a woman. The announcement was backed by another good news by NASA in which the administration has claimed that the first person on Mars is also likely to be a woman.

Jim Bridenstine, Administrator of NASA, was recently on a radio show where he gave away the news. Jim said that the world’s changing and the month of March is celebrated as National Woman’s month, therefore, there’s no good time to reveal that we are likely to have women stepping on Moon and Mars soon. He said, “The first person on Mars is likely to be a woman,” adding, “These are great days. We have the first all-female spacewalk happening this month at the end of March, which is, of course, National Women’s Month … So NASA is committed to making sure that we have a broad and diverse set of talent.”

Jim went on to say that NASA today has a ‘diverse’ talent and their new team on the moon will ‘absolutely’ have a woman. He said, “Nasa is committed to making sure we have a broad and diverse set of talent and we’re looking forward to the first woman on the moon”. Jim also mentioned that their trip to the moon is not going to be about a few steps but they are planning to ‘stay’ on the natural space satellite.

As per reports, only 34 per cent of the astronauts working at NASA are women. The percentage is gradually increasing with impressive numbers to be seen soon. Meanwhile, even though you are already awaiting the history getting unfolded on March 29, the wait for another Mars/Moon trip shall also begin!