Dogs are humans best friends and one of the most beautiful and adorable creations in the world. Tell this to people around you and every second person will narrate you a story that proves the same. Sometimes, they will love like no one else in the world, and sometimes, they will annoy you like the craziest child ever. Like this cute pitbull who showed his top acting skills the moment his master tried to trim his nails.

In a video that has left people on Twitter awestruck, a cute doggo is seen showing some extraordinary acting skills in front of his master. The woman in the video first asks him to give her a paw so that his nails can be trimmed. He ignores her. Next, when she takes his paw and uses the cutter to clip his nails, the naughty dog pretends to faint. He slowly starts moving backward and then lies down with his legs up. The funniest part of the video is the dog slyly looking at the woman with a sid-eye. Check it out here:

Netizens have found this video very entertaining. Some can even relate to the incident with how their own dogs behave dramatically in certain situations. Check out these tweets appreciating the dog’s ‘Oscar-winning acting skills’:

Aren’t dogs just the cutest, most innocent and yet the smartest creatures on Earth? Have you got any cute dog story?