Navratri 2019 is just around the corner and people all over the country are all set to send the greetings of the auspicious Hindu festival to their friends and family. This year Navratri begins on September 29 and concludes on October 8. Navratri falls in the month of Ashvin and the festival celebrates Goddess Durga’s victory over a demon to restore dharma. It is believed that Lord Shiva granted permission to his wife Goddess Durga for seeing her mother for just nine days. During that time, Goddess Durga demolished demon Mahishasura. Hence Goddess Durga aka Kali is represented as a symbol of shakti – the ultimate strength. It is also said that Maa Durga has eternal divine power, which can never be created nor destroyed.

Here we bring you the best wishes and greetings to share with your loved ones:

Quote Reads:

Celebrate this day with your beloved family and friends.

And I’m wishing you to have a great time.

Happy Navratri!

Quote Reads:

Feast and have fun

The dandiya raas has begun

Maa is blessing us through

A very Happy Navratri to you! 


Quote Reads:

It’s an auspicious day of Navratri

Make a wish and it shall come true

Do good deeds and forget the rest

Maa is constantly watching on you

Happy Navratri!

Quote Reads:

Good life,

Happy family,

Good fortune,

Successful Career,

May you get all these on Navratri!

Quote Reads:

May this year’s Navratri be the most special celebration.

And may this bring you endless joy, peace and abundance.

Happy Navratri to you and your family!

Quote Reads:

Goddess of Earth Ma Durga

Celebrate her Auspecius day

with Garba Dance and Puja

May her Blessings shower

upon you with luck

happiness and prosperity

Happy Navratri!

Quote Reads:

May the brightness of Navratri

Fill your days with cheer

May all your dreams come true

During Navratri and all through the year

Happy Navratri! 

Quote Reads: Navratri means 9 nights of devotion. Spirituality. Celebrations. Music. Dance. Garba. Stuti. Hope the divine blessings of Maa always be with you. Happy Navratri

Quote Reads:

Nine nights of celebration and prayer

May Maa always keep you in her love and care

All your problems will fade away

If you worship her each Navratri Day! 

Quote Reads:

As the wind and rain singing

the song for Maa Durga

Let us join the nature to

praise the Maa Durga

with nine divine nights of

Dance and Song with devotion

Happy Navratri!

Quote Reads:

We are the fortunate people

Maa Durga has given us a chance

To worship her and be at peace

To celebrate, sing and dance

Happy Navratri!

Throughout the nine nights, nine forms of the goddess are worshipped with much grandeur. On the 10th day, which is 19th October this year, people celebrate Vijayadashami means Dusshera by burning huge effigies of Ravana, Meghnad and Kumbhakarna. Thus, Navratri itself symbolises victory over evil.

Happy Navratri 2019!