It’s a weird combination – Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Javed Jaffery and quite a funny one. Honestly, can you imagine these two as a couple? Or even if you can, you can only be amazed at what a weird and quirky jodi this will be. Maggie has roped in the duo for their latest advertisement and it’s a killer combo! The duo, who act as husband and wife (with Nawazuddin being the husband and Javed the wife) are a relatively newly married couple and are still getting adjusted to each other. While Javed has acted in many Maggie ketchups ads in the past, this is the first time we will see Nawazuddin in an advert.

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The advertisement starts out pretty innocently. The husband and wife duo is sitting at the breakfast table, with Nawazuddin looking on morosely. His wife Javed seems completely unconcerned and is happily digging into a piece of toast. There’s just nothing on her mind other than toast. Whereas on the other hand, Nawazuddin is sitting there with a single toast on his plate and looks absolutely disinterested in eating the lone piece of bread. Suddenly Nawazuddin laments about how he always imagined he would have a wife who cooked for him and gave him tasty dishes. Javed is shocked. But what does (s)he do next?

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Well, the video has all the elements of fun, the woes of a modern couple and how solutions are sometimes so easy! The chemistry between the two is unexpectedly great and fun. It’s a completely engaging video and one of the best funny ones to come out in a long time! Take a look and decide for yourself!