A leaked Pakistani advertisement for washing machine featuring Nawazuddin Siddiqui has landed in trouble for normalising domestic violence. The ad starring the Bollywood actor has sparked a controversy on the social media for making fun of physical violence in a relationship. Twitterati was soon to take offense by calling the ad sexist and misogynist. The ad on US-based brand Kenwood washing machine tries to minimalise the vast effects of domestic violence by laughing at it. In the ad, Nawazuddin is seen having a light moment with his friends laughing away at how beats up his wife. When his friends enquire about his wife he brags about her behavior with him. He says that he cannot tolerate her “attitude” and goes on to say, “Mera haath utth gaya, dhulayi ki” (I beat her up). While the ad tried to make a sarcasm by comparing ‘dhulayi’ to washing clothes, the unwanted joke has irked social media users.

Following the outrage on social media, Kenwood released an official statement on Twitter apologising for’hurting the sentiments of their customers and the audiences at large.’ Their statement read that they had not received final clearance for the airing of the ad and that it got leaked on social media somehow. They also thanked their audience for pointing out the mistake on the ad and said that the ad will not be aired. They also requested social media users to remove the ad as it is not released by Kenwood officially. Vaishnavi Dhanraj, Shweta Tiwari, Dimpy Ganguly, Rashmi Desai: 8 actresses who suffered sexual abuse & domestic violence in relationship

Here is the ad that received ire from social media users:

And here is how social media responded:

Kenwood took to Twitter to apologise:

While Kenwood has apologised for the ad, it shows the sad state of affairs which led to the production of such a content. The script or the storyline of the ad clearly shows what the maker had in mind. Along with Kenwood, social media also seemed upset with Nawazuddin’s choice of work.