Popular singer Neha Kakkar who is known as the blockbuster machine of Bollywood is loved by the viewers and listeners for giving back to back hit songs. Be it a dance peppy number, or an emotional song, Neha does it like a pro. The vocalist and Indian Idol’s judge with over 30 million followers on Instagram was heartbroken and hurt when a renown TV channel Sony Max along with Kiku Sharda, Gaurav Gera of comedy show Dr. Pran Lele body-shamed her.

The video shows a short heightened girl dressed up like Neha Kakkar who is busy clicking selfies. Kiku and Gaurav can be seen bullying her and making fun of her in some extent that it went till body-shaming her.

After watching the video, Neha Kakkar was so depressed that she took to social media to share her thoughts on the same. “Shame on these people to create such negative and insulting content! My people know how much I appreciate comedy on me and otherwise but this one is ridiculous!! Stop using my name, stop enjoying, dancing or acting on my songs if you hate me so much. Thankless people. See how much they are jealous of me and #NeHearts then bash them with words! I am saying this for the first time for anybody. But really disgusted. Really hurt!!!- Neha Kakkar”.

She added, “Just came to know that they have removed that video from their channel now. I wish I could show more people how low some people can go to insult somebody famous, just because she is independent”

Neha Kakkar’s brother and singer Tony Kakkar also took to Instagram to share the sad note, “Heartbroken. This is how you respect a small town girl who achieved everything on her own with so much struggle in life. Being a short girl my sister has already suffered a lot. Do you understand what a person goes through when you make fun about her/his body size or shape. Will you ever stop making fun of what god has made us? Not just that you are talking rubbish about her talent too. Aren’t you damaging her career by saying all that wrong things about her talent? Those who don’t understand music much would believe you easily coz you are a big national TV Channel. Fact is nobody becomes number 1 just by fluke and that of a country which has a population of 1.3 billion 😐 #nehakakkar”.

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Neha Kakkar is currently judging a popular singing reality show Indian Idol along with Vishal Dadlani and Anu Malik.