Neha Kakkar has apparently unfollowed boyfriend Himansh Kohli on Instagram and deleted his pictures in what is being speculated as an end to their relationship. Though the couple has not yet made any official announcement of their break-up, the rumours of them parting ways have strengthened recently when the Indian Idol judge removed all proofs of having any connection with the Yaariyan actor on her social media account.

While the two dodged being tagged as “a couple” for long, Himansh finally professed his love for Neha publicly, two months ago, on the sets of the reality show, Indian Idol. Neha too had confessed that Himansh would surely be one of the guys she would consider when she would think about marriage.

The two insisted to be “just good friends” even though they were reportedly dating since the start of 2018. Ever since they met for the first time, in association with the song Sunny Sunny in the movie Yaariyan, the rumours about them seeing each other, were rife.

Himansh took to Twitter once, in an effort to rescue Neha from trolls for crying her heart out on Indian Idol. His tweet read, “Lately, I have been noticing a lot of distasteful trolling against @nehakakkar. I would have never said this in public if it was just a humorous act. What disgusts me is that people themselves don’t want to support a cause. And then they don’t leave any stone unturned to stop someone from doing so.”

While Himansh has still kept his pictures with Neha and her family intact on his Instagram profile and has neither unfollowed the singer, we wonder if it is just a mere tiff or the end of a relationship that had just begun to blossom.