One of the most talented actresses in the country, Radhika Apte, is making headlines for being ‘omnipresent’ in the latest offering by online streaming giant, Netflix. Twitteratis are trolling Netflix for having too much of Radhika Apte in its originals but that isn’t stopping it from obsessing over the actress.

Radhika was seen in Netflix’ Sacred Games as Anjali Mathur, as Kalindi in Lust Stories and recently, she also got featured as Nida Rahim in Ghoul. She proved her capability whenever she was given a project to work on.

However, the funny people on the internet just can’t stop taking a dig over Radhika’s back-to-back Netflix appearances.

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After getting trolled, Radhika Apte herself teamed up with Netflix again but this time to release a spoof video, Omnipresent, taking a dig at herself. Netflix India, known for its strong Twitter game, released the video on the microblogging site and didn’t disappoint the users.

Check out the video here:

But Netflix didn’t stop there, they also released a poster of the Radlix Original Film, Omnipresent, that stars Radhika Apte (obviously).

Check out the hilarious poster here:

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Radhika made this poster herself.

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In her latest and third web series, Ghoul, Radhika can be seen with Manav Kaul in the lead role. It is a terrifyingly scary series. The first episode is a little tiresome to sit through, but if you do make it past that, you come out impressed!