The optical illusion has now become a thing on the internet which keeps netizens baffled. Now, the image of a girl is the latest optical illusion and it is keeping the internet busy. In the photo, the girl can be seen standing in a field and her legs look unnaturally long and thin. The picture has been shared on Facebook and Reddit and it has created a stir on social media. The picture has left many confused.

Take a look at the picture here:

At first glance, the little girl’s leg seems unbelievable thin and long. However, if you look closely it is actually an optical illusion created by a transparent popcorn packet that she is holding in her hands. The colour of the popcorn packet gets camouflage with the background and creates an illusion.

One user commented, “Took me a while to notice what’s going on here.” While the other tweeted, “Ohh….I was very confused Thank god…to comment section.”

Another user commented, “Oh my goodness, I was thinking she is so thin…… and her boot came off…… took me a good two minutes, LOL.”

Check out the Twitter reactions:

A few days back, an optical illusion video of a woman moving her hands that it appeared as if the palm of her one hand is passing through the other.