We all love to eat eggs in different ways, while many liked it scrambled, omelet or boiled eggs, many also have to struggle when it comes to removing its shell. Now, a video is going viral on the internet where it shows an easy hack to remove the eggshell from a boiled egg. We all have been through a procedure where we can’t touch the hot boil egg and goes through the task of peeling its shell.

In the video shared by a Twitter user named ‘Madeyousmile’, a person can be seen putting the boiled egg into a glass and then filling it with water. He then shakes the glass vigorously and takes out the egg. He then very easily takes out the shell of an egg within 10 seconds. The video is blowing away the minds of netizens and just cannot wait to try the hack.

Sharing the video, the Twitter user wrote, “Apparently I’ve been cracking open hard-boiled eggs wrong all this time… who knew?”

Watch the viral video here:

While some sections of netizens are impressed with the hack, others have noticed the water wastage. In case you missed it, the person did not turn off the tap while performing the hack. One user commented, “Great idea but turn off the tap.”

The other Twitter user tweeted, “This is life changing.”

Check out the reactions here:

The video has garnered over 400 retweets and 1.3K likes so far. Do let us know if you have tried this hack or is aware of any other hacks.