New Delhi: Remember Ranu Mondal who became an overnight sensation after a video of her singing at a railway station in West Bengal went viral? Internet propelled the 59-year-old singer to instant stardom after her soulful rendition of Lata Mangeshkar’s song ‘Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai’ touched many.

Numerous offers, makeovers, and shows came her way and singer Himesh Reshammiya was so impressed with her voice that he gave her a chance to sing three songs in his upcoming film, Happy Hardy and Heer.

Well, now, a new video of Ranu has surfaced over the internet, however, this time no one seems to be praising her.

In the video, Ranu can be seen at a supermarket when an excited female fan holds her hand and asks for a selfie. Visibly irritated, Ranu didn’t oblige her with a selfie-and asked her why did she hold her hand.

The singer was seen lashing out her and was heard saying ‘yeh kya hota hai, what does this mean?‘ However, the fan didn’t react and maintained a smile on her face.


After the clip went viral, fans didn’t like Ranu’s attitude and called the singer out, asking her to stay humble



Mondal has already recorded three shows with Himesh Reshammiya in addition to making an appearance at various reality shows.

There are also speculations going around about filmmaker Hrishikesh Mandal making a film on the life of Ranu Mondal. No official announcement has been made by the filmmaker nor Ranu.