High onion prices are becoming a tough challenge for the common man of the country. The inflated prices of onions in India bring tears to the eyes and social media has been abuzz with memes highlighting the reactions of common people to the situation. According to the official data, the maximum rate of onions was recorded Rs 110 per kg in Panaji. Dialogues from Bollywood movies often contribute to the script of the memes. The memes linked to onions are no exception.

“Hello Obama, our onion is stronger than your Dollar,” read the text of a meme that has one big onion as the image, referring to PMNarendra Modi.

The meme meant that onions would make the biggest jump in prices when the time comes, surpassing the surge in prices of dollars.


Some shops operated by Samajwadi Party’s youth wing workers in Varanasi are giving onions on loan by keeping Aadhaar Card as a mortgage, after a steep rise in prices of onions across the country.

The onion prices are high due to the post-monsoon showers that have destroyed several hectares of farmlands. The government is trying to procure onions from Egypt, Turkey, Holland and other countries. State-owned MMTC has also signed contracts with Egypt for onion imports and an onion consignment of 6,090 tonnes will be available in the country next month.