New Year Resolutions

I will SAVE MONEY, will stop SHOPPING, NO DRINKING, start HEALTHY LIFESTYLE and blah, blah. If this is your never-ending list of New Year resolutions for the coming year 2015, then welcome to the gang. After all, aren’t these resolutions that were made five years back, yet to be fulfilled. Yes, the reality of keeping the resolutions is very different from the expectations. And this is exactly what the TroubleSeekerTeam have shown in their latest video ‘New Year Resolutions – Expectation VS Reality’.

It is that time of the year when along with the celebrations you also have few resolutions to make. In a few days time, it’s the New Year on its way – 2015. And just like every year, we have our Do’s and Don’ts list for the coming year. Representing the New Year Resolutions craze, the TroubleSeekerTeam posted a video about the usual lists that we all make and also end up breaking it in few minutes.

Who cares if we kept the resolutions or not. The actual fun is in making them. So now go ahead and make crazy resolutions!