New Year 2020 is almost here and everybody around the world people are planning on how to celebrate and welcome the upcoming New Year. But do you know why we celebrate New Year on January 1?

The celebration of New Year coincides with the world’s most widely used Gregorian calendar, proposed by Italian doctor Aloysius Lilius and later it was decreed on February 24, 1582 by Pope Gregory XII, after whom the calendar is named. The Gregorian calendar was adopted to rectify the errors in the older Julian Calendar.

What was the Julian calendar?

Julius Caesar introduced the Julian calendar in 45BC. It has a regular year of 365 days divided by 12 months. It was a common use in Europe till the 1500s when the other countries started shifting to the Gregorian calendar. Most catholic countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy adopted the Gregorian calendar soon after it was reformed. Sweden adopted it in 1752 and the British Empire in 1753. Russia adopted it after the 1917 Russian Revolution and Greece in 1923.

New Zealand is the first country that enters the New Year first followed by other countries according to their time zone.

How do we welcome New Year?

Every year people plan a big New Year bash along with their friends and family. Many restaurants and cafes remain open till late night and then the last 10 seconds the world do the last count down and then wish each other a Happy New Year.

Every year, Burj Khalifa in Dubai has an amazing LED light show with massive fireworks.

We wish you all a Very Happy New Year 2020!