Wellington: New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has once again proved that she is a social media boss after a video of her listing the biggest achievements of her government has gone viral.  On Saturday, marking the two-year anniversary of her becoming the PM, Ardern’s team challenged her to run through the achievements of the government in two minutes and Ardern made sure to use this opportunity to publicise her governments’ policies in the video.

In just two minutes, Ardern managed to mention that the government had created 92,000 jobs, brought in gun control laws, built over 2200 state-funded houses, banned single use plastic, planted 140 million deployed 1600 new police officers and introduced the revolutionary zero-carbon bill to cut the country’s carbon emissions. Apart from this, Ardern also mentioned introducing free lunches in school programmes and hoking the wages of nurses, teachers and cops.

Yet there is one challenge she fails, going 56 seconds over the two minute limit.


The rapid-fire list has been watched over 2 million times with citizens in other countries encouraging their leaders to take up the same challenge.


The video has gained immense attention in countries like Australia, Pakistan, and Zimbabwe and many have called it an example of “good leadership”.


The leader of the Labour Party first made headlines worldwide with her much appreciated response to the deadly Chirstchurh mosque attack in New Zealand which killed at least 51 people. Images of her grieving while dressed in a “hijaab” went viral after the communal attack.

Ardern is the world’s youngest female head of government, assuming office at the age of 37. She is also one of only two women to give birth while in office and then taking her baby Neve to the United Nations General Assembly, both of which earned her the tag of a progressive leader.