Nails are manicured to treat and pamper ourselves but this Russian nail salon Nail Sunny brings a weird new nail art design that will seriously turn heads. The salon’s creativity typically goes viral for their unique presentation, but a recent manicure that includes human hands has gained attention for less positive reasons. What makes the video bizarre is the fact that it shows the nail hand being completely removed.

The viral video is posted by Nail Sunny, on every nail, a perfect replica of a manicured hand is created so it looks like you have five tiny hands. Then, a technician uses a tool to remove the extended hands which is a creep. The creation has received some very mixed reviews from Instagram users. One of the users commented “this makes me feel so sick”, as another called the creation “disgusting”.

The same salon, a few days ago, used their creativity that includes live ants, noodles and corns. Which is GROSS!

Watch the creep video here:

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Satisfying video?

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There’s no dearth of bizarre trends. Last year, the Christmas tree eyebrows, started by a Canadian make-up artist made quite a splash during the holiday season.