Wedding photoshoots often takes the internet by storm, thanks to couples’ quirky ideas of the photoshoot. Couples often have a pre-wedding shoot or post-wedding shoot and we have so far seen the romantic garden shoots to photoshoots in a boat. The recent photoshoot of a south Indian couple is a bit different as they chose to roll in a bed and it looked more like a ‘practice session’ for a wrestling match.

In the photos, the couple can be seen soaked in mud water and splashes it on each other. They even pose romantically in the mud water. However, since their photoshoot has gone viral, netizens are left into splits.

Take a look at the photos here:

The pictures were shared on Facebook and eventually made its way to Twitter. While some joked about their choice of venue, others just wanted to ‘unsee’ the photographs.

One user tweeted, “Practice session for post-wedding wrestling matches.” While the other wrote, “Pre-wedding you need to find and go to the mud.. After-wedding you don’t have to!”

Another user wrote, “Organic and nature, better than studios with artificial lights affecting the body.”

Check out the reactions here:

Earlier this week, a bride arrived at her wedding in a coffin and as soon as the coffin opened the bride wearing a golden gown, she began to dance and laugh. The video had gone insanely viral.

In August this year, a couple, who were on their way for a post-wedding photoshoot, shot the pictures with broken-down car and road signs pop-ups.