Nicki Minaj’s new song Anaconda is the most awaited song of this season. And she has been teasing her fans with her new cover. The cover of her single Anaconda is said to be the raciest cover ever. She features on the cover wearing nothing but a pink thong, flashing her killer curves! And ever since Nicki Minaj released a twerkalicious fest for her “Anaconda” video, anticipation for the full version has been at ever so increasing.

Super Bass star Nicki Minaj continues to lure her fans prior to her next single release, she has now come up with a brand new “Anaconda” behind-the-scenes  from her upcoming music video. The behind-the-scenes is definitely a thumbs up on the promotion for Anaconda

The video is a jungle themed footage with lots of curvy girls, Nicki also gets flanked by dancers as they shake their assets in a jungle-themed set. Plenty of large cheeks clapping on set of Anaconda will sure make you hit replay. Then the camera is followed to the green room, where Nicki speaks into the camera with Trinidadian patois while sipping from a white cup. Also in the end before the Vlog ends, there is a mystery man speaking in patois and it definitely looks like Drake! Watch the video below!