This new viral song featuring Amrapali and the Bhojpur star Nirahua has caught on like wildfire that it has led to more than 1 crore views. The song that features the actress Amrapali plays the role of the star’s wife in the video.

Nirahua Dinesh Lal Yada is a former Bigg Boss contestant and his song ‘Purana Biwi Band Kar Da Modiji’ has been viewed at least

This song shows the struggle of a wife with her alcoholic husband and he starts singing to a picture of the Prime Minister. They both are seen fighting while he is drunk and at a point, she even tries to thrash him with a broom. This song comes after hit songs like ‘Holi Me GST’ which became a rage when it was released.

The song is quite hilarious and it also implies how the liquor ban in the state has led to the extinction of the famous ‘Naagin dance’. This song was released in 2017 but has only become viral now. This is a big milestone for the Bhojpuri actor and has garnered so many views, which was not a trend earlier.

One of the major reasons for the song doing well can be seen in the chemistry both the co-actors share on screen. This jodi has become quite famous amongst the Bhojpuri industry and is seen together fairly frequently. The Nirahua series has become a super hit and the latest movie featuring the adored couple is sure to make waves in Bhojpuri cinema.