Usually we are accustomed to seeing a minister being accompanied by caravans of cars and security personnel whenever they venture out of their office but in a surprise to many, Indian Defence Minister and Rajya Sabha MP Nirmala Sitharaman was seen walking the streets of Bengaluru on December 30, 2017, with hardly any security personnel in tow. Nirmala Sitharaman was in Bengaluru to speak to various stakeholders in her office concerning an MPLADS programme in her constituency. After, the meeting, to the surprise of many she went ahead to join them for a lunch at a regular Udipi restaurant and walked all the way from her office to the restaurant like a common man without extra measures of security. Twitterati hailed the Defence Minister for her simplicity.

Nirmala Sitharaman had met about 10 people to understand their issues and to understand how government schemes are perceived by the common man. As reported by TNM, Suresh N, the CEO of a tech start-up and one of the participants of the meeting said that the lunch was not planned at all. He said, “Even her having lunch with us was not planned. Around lunchtime, she just asked us what we were planning to do. We told her that we had booked someplace close by and it’s just walking distance. We decided to walk there, and she said that she would come with us as well as she was hungry. Suddenly, she just decided to walk. Honestly, we were scared, because she is a high-value target. We were not so happy about that, but she just started walking with us. It’s not so often that we get to have lunch with a Union Cabinet Minister. So as a common man, it’s a big thing for us.”

Watch Nirmala Sitharaman here:

The people who attended the lunch post-meeting termed it as a ‘real Aam Aadmi lunch.’ The pictures that were shared on social media shows Nirmala Sitharaman dressed in a simple black and white saree and walking the streets of Bengaluru and having a lunch served on a banana leaf at an Udipi restaurant.

Check out the tweets and the pictures of the luncheon ‘party’

Long walk for a real Aam Aadmi Lunch

Twitterati loved the idea of Indian Defence Minister walking nonchalantly on the streets to go and have lunch and could not help praising her. Sample a few tweets below.

Hats off to her simplicity

One of the most deserving Ministers of India

So down-to-earth

Advice for BJP

As reported, Kiran Kumar S, another attendee of the meeting said that the restaurant had been informed by the Defence Ministry’s security detail people on the road and the police had no clue about this impromptu stroll and lunch of Nirmala Sitharaman. There was a time in India when politicians ruled everything and they projected themselves way above the common man but it is heartening to know that now there are leaders who are at the top echelons of country’s decision makers but still maintain a dignity, humbleness and humility in them.