Nitin Gadkari had a close shave today when the helicopter he was travelling in got stuck in the red carpet that was placed on the ground for his arrival. The incident happened in the Haldia district of East Midnapore in West Bengal where the Union Transport Minister was headed to attend an event. As this video shows, Gadkari had a narrow escape, as his helicopter’s rotor blades got tangled in the red carpet that was flying due to the wind generated by the copter.

Gadkari later said to the media, “A cloth got stuck in the wings of my helicopter while it was landing. But there is no accident. I am safe.” He added that the red carpet or the flags should not have been kept near the helipad.

Alok Rajoria, Superintendent of Police, East Midnapore, refused to give any importance to the incident. “Nothing has happened during the landing of the minister’s chopper,” he said. Watch the video of Nitin Gadkari’s helicopter having a close shave!