Controversy’s favourite child and drama queen Rakhi Sawant has always made headlines for being a part of constant discussions. For a month she is making videos for her NRI husband whom she married without letting any media know. She tied the knot in a hush-hush ceremony and since then her Instagram feed has been replete with pictures of post-wedded bliss. Rakhi often posts pictures and videos of hers telling her fans that she’s shifting to the UK to be with her husband who works with Donald Trump’s company.

The latest video shared by Rakhi tells us that she has reached the UK where she flaunts her husband’s house. At the same time, she gave an interview to Spotboy, where she was asked about her married life. She told she will be attending Grah Pravesh puja with her husband and did all customs to enter the house. “I am with my husband Ritesh. It is my Grah Pravesh. I entered my house with all the customs.” While talking further, Rakhi said, “We have bought a new house in London. I am also learning cooking.” Rakhi told that she has started learning to make simple foods like roti, curry.” With this, when Rakhi was asked “Is her husband liking the food she has made?”, said Rakhi.

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“Tomorrow the bread burned, but I will learn it.” I always tell myself that I am very lucky. For me, he is the best looking boy in the world and the most handsome”, she added.

The reporter asked Rakhi whether she is getting any offers after marriage. On this Rakhi said that “I am getting many offers to do web series. Those people want me to do bold scenes. But now I will not do bold scenes. Because Ritesh does not like bold scenes. So now I will not do intimate scenes, be it a film or a web series. So now, no smooching and no sex scenes- be it web series or films. I won’t wear dresses which reveal too much. He doesn’t mind me wearing glamorous outfits though.”