Actor Nora Fatehi has carved a special niche for herself in the film industry. She is one of the best dancers in the industry and has got moves to die for. However, in her latest interview with a daily, she talked about something that needed to have people’s attention for a long time now. Nora talked about how dancers like her are not respected as much as the actors in the industry.

In an interview with Times of India, the popular belly dancer, who also recently appeared in T-Series music video titled Pachtaoge with Vicky Kaushal, raised voice for her own rights. Stressing that the dancers who often dedicate their entire life to perfect the skills are given a step-treatment in the industry. She complaint that the dancers are not ‘celebrated’ as much as the film actors are. Nora explained, “Currently, I am shooting for Street Dancer with professional dancers. Dancers, who have sacrificed so many things in life to become professional dancers and one day I just had an epiphany that why don’t we celebrate dancers the way we celebrate actors? Do you know what dancers go through? The way they push themselves to do certain moves which are almost humanly impossible.”

She took the example of a few ballerina dancers who were present on the sets of her film. Nora said that while looking at them, one realises just how beautifully have they aced the difficult style of dancing and that must have taken them years of practice. “It must have taken them years to balance like that, half of us can’t balance while we are walking,” she said.

The dancer, who has hit songs like Dilbar-Dilbar and Saki-Saki to her credit, added that she doesn’t mind when an actor receives appreciation for his performance and work. However, she mentioned it hurts her when a dancer, who puts equal efforts (probably more) in his/ her performance, is not praised by the equal number of clapping hands.

“When an actor does a good scene in the movie, everyone goes crazy – ‘OMG he is such an amazing actor.’ Yes, we should respect actors, I am guilty of that too, but what about the dancers? They should be equally respected and valued. Dancers can take you to another world without even speaking and I feel it’s a shame that it’s not even celebrated like that. It’s time to celebrate them,” Nora explained.

She has a strong point. What do you think?