Weddings bring two people together to form a bond of lifetime. Wedding celebrations are meant to be joyous and festive. But sadly not all wedding are happily ever afters. This wedding is anything but a fairy tale. About 15 million girls will be married this year before their 18th birthday. They will have to suffer their most painful childhood experience as they will be married as children this year.

With their marriage, their childhood will be robbed off. They will be sent into a whirlwind of the unknown. This video produced with Bridal Musings has been shared by UNICEF to make people aware about child marriage. This is probably one of the most eye-opening videos by world’s most influential wedding blogs. The video makes sure to put spotlight on the grim reality of child marriage.(ALSO READ: Watch how New Yorkers reacted to this child marriage social experiment).

The multi-country initiative by the UN is trying to spread awareness and to end child marriage in order to help protect the rights of child brides. The number of child marriages can reach one billion by the year 2030.