It is 2019 and instead of chatting, we mostly express our emojis with just one emoji. But, did you ever wonder it would have been amazing if there was a period emoji? Well if not, then I am sure you would be more than happy to have one. Here’s a good news for all the females out there. You can just sum up your entire ‘that time of the month’ feelings with just one emoji.

On Tuesday, coding consortium Unicode announced Emoji 12.0 update for 2019. It features 59 new emojis along with 171 variants for gender and skin tone making it a total of 230 emojis.
Out of the many, the period emoji grabbed all the attention and is now making headlines. The other emojis include mechanical arm, deaf person, band-aid, waffle, ice cube, yawning face, pinching hand and people holding hands. All these will be released in March 2019.

This is what it looks like:

Child rights group in United Kingdom, Plan International UK, came up with a social media campaign #PeriodEmoji where people could discuss menstruation. The whole motive was to break the taboo and make one realise that menstruation is something so natural and not something to get embarrassed for.

Post the announcement of the emoji, the girls’ rights group said that young women will now be able to use this emoji to discuss periods and get rid of the taboo surrounding it.

Head of girls rights and youth at Plan International UK said in a statement, “The inclusion of an emoji which can express what 800 million women around the world are experiencing every month is a huge step towards normalizing periods and smashing the stigma which surrounds them”.

A 2016 survey of 90,000 people in 190 countries found that women refer to periods using some 5,000 euphemisms, such as “on the rag” and “Bloody Mary”.

The plan said that after the survey, nearly half of 18 to 34-year-old women believed a period emoji would make it easier for them to overcome the embarrassment of talking about menstruation.