Nutella, the chocolaty gooey spread is almost loved by all and it won’t be wrong to say that it is a worldwide food phenomenon. Plop it on ice cream, lather on toasts or waffles or just eat it straight out from the jar,  ask any foodie, they would reveal how versatile the spread is. For the uninitiated, Nutella was created by chef Pietro Ferrero after the world war two. Over the years there have been many imitators like Jif and Hersheys but some stats show that Nutella is most preferred one. But now it looks like some may stop eating the same as they have changed the recipe for the spread. Soon the news was on social media and threw everyone into a frenzy.

Thieves Steal 20 Tonnes of Nutella and Kinder Chocolate Worth Rs 37 Lakhs In Germany

Thieves Steal 20 Tonnes of Nutella and Kinder Chocolate Worth Rs 37 Lakhs In Germany

Now the product has more 16% powdered skim milk, more sugar, and fat. Also now there are few hazelnuts and cocoa and also the color is lighter. This is not the first outcry by the consumers. A few months back a shocking image of Nutella jar showcasing the ingredients went viral. The image showed how there is a high proportion of sugar and palm oil used to prepare the spread.

Here is the image that was doing rounds in the social media



The manufacturers are in damage control mode and since yesterday Nutella USA has been replying to their enraged consumers on the same topic. One of their tweets read, “Our recipe underwent a fine-tuning and continues to deliver the Nutella fans know and love with high-quality ingredients.” Ferrero, the company that makes Nutella, maintained that “the quality . . . and all other aspects of Nutella remain the same,” in a statement obtained by the BBC.

Here is the tweet by Nutella USA:

Nutella lovers across the world are not at all happy about the change and social media went berserk as soon as the news was broke. Twitter especially had a field day. The fans are shocked and confused and are saying that they do not want more sugar or any change in the recipe. People have created hashtags like #BoycottNutella and #Nutellagate to name a few.

Here are some Twitter reactions:

People are boycotting, what about you?

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

Here is a serious warning!

Bollywood actor Esha Gupta is sad too!

Please leave Nutella alone!

The sales of the product have been soaring high despite nutritional concerns. This shows that how people cannot just resist the same. What do you think? Will people actually boycott it or just accept the product? Let us know in comments below.