As the scientists predict visible repercussions of climate change due to excessive environmental damage, many are scurrying to do everything in their power to save nature while those at a loss are creating awareness far and wide in their bid to help. One such person is an Odisha businessman and nature lover, Biswaranjan Samal, who with the help of Dolagobinda Maharana, an engineer, built a luxurious tree-house which is yet to be fully furnished.

Belonging to Keonjhar, Biswaranjan, constructed the tree-house at his native village, Naranpur, which features balconies running on three sides and has a massive drawing room inside it, a kitchen and a bathroom. Built to lure all nature lovers, the 20ft by 20 ft house has been constructed on a gigantic Sal tree. Dolagobinda shared that raising the beams during construction, was the most difficult phase. Using thick wooden beams, plywood and nut bolts the parts of the house were connected to six big branches of the tree. Dolagobinda revealed, “We have used special nuts and the bearing has been done in such a way that even if branches move and bend in strong winds, it will not have any impact on the house. The pine wood used is light in weight, yet very strong.”

The video currently trending viral on Twitter was captioned, “Love for Green! Biswaranjan Samal, a nature lover & a businessman from #Keonjhar builds tree house to create awareness against cutting of trees; says, “The main motive behind this was to spread the message that houses can be constructed without damaging the nature.” #Odisha” (sic).

The idea of constructing this tree-house came into Biswaranjan’s mind while he stayed in one such house during his foreign trip and having recreated a somewhat similar one in Naranpur, he asserted that the main motive is to raise awareness about the felling of trees. “When I bought the land, there were already two big Sal trees here. I did not want to cut down the trees. I have a lot of interest in gardening. However, the main motive behind this was to set an example that houses can be constructed without damaging the nature” he said.