We’ve heard of women delivering their babies in trains, cabs, buses and even by the road! But this is definitely a first! A woman went into emergency labour and had to deliver her baby 36,000 feet into the air! What was truly a miracle, the pregnant woman found a doctor on board. But let’s start with the entire story, from the beginning. It was a Chinese flight from China to Los Angeles. The China Air Flight from Taiwan to LA had just taken off six hours back when the woman went unexpectedly into labour. She was 32-weeks pregnant while going into labour and the normal time for delivery is approx. 40 weeks.

The woman was just in her beginning of her 8th month and was least expecting the child to be born early. Luckily for her, a doctor was on-board the flight. The doctor, Dr. Angelica Zen, is a internal medicine paediatrics doctor and she has no training in OBGYN. However, she remembered her training days and decided to assist in the delivery. After reassuring the woman, she asked for assistance from the crew members who were constantly doing the work of the nurses.

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The flight was a 19-hour long flight and as soon as the woman went into labour, the pilots tried to navigate the flight to the nearest available airport, in Alaska. However, she delivered well before they reached the Alaska airport. All the passengers applauded the efforts of the crew and the doctor on board and the crew could be seen wrapping the new born and the mother in blankets. Both the mother and the baby were taken to a hospital in Alaska after they disembarked.

The authorities carried out a complete check of the new mother as they claimed many pregnant women often change countries during the term of their pregnancy to provide citizenship to their babies. Since the baby was born in air but over US space, they are still not sure as to which citizenship the baby will be provided. A passenger in the flight shot a video of the new born baby and the crew caring for it. Watch this beautiful miracle!