Do you love super cars that run on remote and have an infatuation for it? Do you want to go back in your childhood and play with you favourite toy? These youngsters have an answer for all your query. Four youth take the innovation to a whole new level by amalgamating the latest technology and the childhood dream and guess what, they create magic with it which will surprise you.

Racing cars and doing stunts with it is somewhere fascinating, but doing the same stuffs with remote cars (RCs) is a thrilling experience. The group which call themselves as ‘Dudeperfect’, have designed the cars in such a manner that these RCs can cross any hurdles, be it line of chairs or any jump. Not only these cars can run on water, they can also climb building safely and can land perfectly. (ALSO READ: This monkey could not resist laughing after seeing a magic!)

The most amazing thing that these RCs can do is they can drift in such a way that not even the professionals would be able to. These RCs have raced with original cars and guess what, they defeated the cars run by professionals. The most amazing of all the fact is these youth created a world record of 197 feet jump ever made by a RC in the history. Of course they did it, with the help of using the ramp by beating the precious record of 172 feet. Well, there are lots of stuffs that these ‘Dudeperfect’ do, but we want you to watch the video and reply us back. (ALSO READ: Honda CB Hornet 160R launched for 79,900)

RC EditionRC Cars are the JAM.Posted by Dude Perfect on Thursday, December 10, 2015