We’re often told to be careful before wearing shoes – always invert them and lightly bang them on the floor a couple of times and wait for a few seconds before wearing them. This is because, many times, your shoes play host to weird insects and reptiles that might make a home in your shoe. This happens mainly with shoes you haven’t worn in sometime or shoes that are old and just lying around. Also, in the rainy season and during winters, these reptiles need warmth and a cozy place to settle down in and shoes are just perfect! They’re covered and the lining from within gives the shoes a nice cushioning and keeps them warm!

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Not just reptiles, you might have seen kittens and at times even cats trying to get into and get cozy in your shoe! So you really cannot blame the reptile. And while, you might not exactly have snakes roaming around your house (or you just might if you live too close to a forested or dense area or on the ground floor), you surely might have lizards, roaches, spiders and what-nots roaming around. The shoe is ideal for these rodents and reptiles too! So no, if you aren’t anywhere to a snake zone, you need to still be careful. After all, you don’t want to insert a foot inside and get bit!

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Always, always empty out your shoes before wearing them and remember, never bang the shoes too hard. Also, be careful and let go of the shoe immediately after banging. If you have a long stick, take a long stick and insert it in your shoe before wearing. Wait for a couple of minutes before putting your leg in. Try keeping the shoes covered, in a box or in a closed rack to avoid such reptiles getting to them. Also, never put your hand inside to check the shoes. If you do not have a box or a closed rack, invert the shoes and insert them one inside the other or use a shoe-tree to keep them closed. Always be aware and be careful!