Another incident hinting at the cruelty of human beings has come into light wherein a waiter deliberately poured boiling water on a customer over a petty issue in a restaurant in eastern China. (ALSO READ: Acid Attack Confessions: “Men can do anything)

On August 24, Ms Lin had come to dine with her family in Mr Hot Pot restaurant, where she allegedly got into an argument with the waiter over the addition of water to the hot pot. Then in a fit of rage 17 year old waiter brought a plastic tray of boiling water and poured it all over the victim. And if that wasn’t enough he then dragged her down and started kicking her. The family members and the staff came to the rescue of Ms Lin and then started thrashing the accused.

29-year-old Ms Lin got severe burns on her face, neck, shoulder and back and is currently being treated in the hospital. The accused whose surname is Zhu has been arrested by the police. We feel a jolt in our heart after watching such heinous acts. What is happening to the human race? Why so much hatred?

Watch the video of this terrible incident below.