Onions have left the nation teary-eyed as prices of the vegetable continue to soar. In Hyderabad, the onion prices have touched Rs 150 kg prompting netizens to come up with hilarious TikTok videos to drown their pain in humor.  #OnionCrises trends all over the Chinese video-creating app.

The demand for onions is such that even the lesser-known quality of onions that have less shelf life is being sold at Rs 100 catching the consumers off the guard. While many consumers have cut down on onions and have been relying on cheaper quality, they have shown their reaction through these videos. While some are TikTok videos are funny and a few are about people stealing the bulb instead of money, others put up videos in which they locked onions safely with jewelry.

The viral one is when an auto-rickshaw passenger gives onions instead of money for a ride.

Watch the videos here:


To keep the price rise under control, the Ministry had earlier stated that it has placed order for import of 11,000 MT of onion from Turkey in addition to 6,090 MT from Egypt. According to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, the Metals and Minerals Trading Corporation of India has already placed the order. The onion will start arriving later this month.

After the review meeting on Monday, the Centre had asked state governments to crack down on traders hoarding onions, create buffer stocks and distribute imported edible bulbs at a reasonable rate. At present, onions are being sold at a high price of Rs 150 per kg in major cities across the country.