New Delhi: Asking cab drivers their opinions on politics is nothing new but one such recent incident caught ride-hailing platform ola in the midst of a charged political debate, which led to #BoycottOla trending on Twitter.

Here’s a quick lowdown of what happened.

A passenger took to Twitter to narrate his conversation with the driver, who apparently eavesdropped the passenger’s telephonic conversation where he was criticising India’s economic situation. The driver, according to the passenger, said that six years’ of Modi government can’t be blamed for the economic slowdown and then the conversation veered towards tukde tukde gang, Nehru etc. Clearly, the ride was full of an altercation between the passenger and the driver, holding opinions poles apart.

“It would be much better if your drivers would focus on driving than overhearing conversations and tagging people anti-nationals..” the irked passenger tweeted.


Ola responded and said it has reported the driver-partner for corrective action.


So can’t a driver express his political opinion freely? Twitter is up in arms debating over freedom of speech in the cab.