Optical illusions and puzzles are the craziest viral thing which happens on social media. From teenagers to adults, everyone loves solving puzzles that are challenging. The recent one is moving diamond optical illusion which is doing rounds on the internet and has zigzagged our brain. It has even confused a lot of netizens.

This illusion has been created by scientists Oliver Flynn and Arthur Shapiro from the American University in Washington DC which makes the brain think the diamond is moving, even though it’s actually completely still. Arthur Shapiro shared it on Twitter, describing the illusion as, “The perpetual diamond: The diamond remains fixed in one place but appears to move up, down, left, or, right. See how far away you can be from your screen before the effect goes away.”

Take a look at the illusion:


The internet is baffled by this optical illusion. Check reactions:

The illusion can be potentially used as a tool for tests of spatial contrast, temporal contrast, contrast gain, and colour contrast.