Orgasm video: All girls Dutch EDM band ADAM sings while achieving the Big 'O'!

Electronic dance music (EDM) is all about the climaxes and rhythmic plateaus.ADAM is an all-girl EDm band consisting of five Dutch singers Anna Speller, Eva Cleven, Loulou Hameleers, Sanne den Besten and Suzanne Kipping. They are known for writing, singing and performing catchy songs in which they don’t hesitate to proclaim their opinions. Besides being sexy they dare to be themselves.

And now they have come up with a Dutch EDM starring the trio who has taken a step further to stand out of the rest in their new video for the single Go to Go in which they show an orgasm.

Throughout the song, the buzzing noise you hear is the vibrating device that is being used for this video exclusively but is out of the frame. The vocalists are using the sex toy while trying to sing the song donning a straight face at first, leading to the building pleasure until they reach climax!

It’s one of the sexiest videos you might have seen. The concept is outlandish but the execution is brilliant, since EDM is all about to building yourself up in frenzy and losing control! Enjoy the unique female orgasm video below.