Actress-turned-politician Divya Spandana, also better known as Ramaya was recently slapped with sedition charges for praising people of Pakistan and their hospitality during her visit. A Karnataka-based lawyer irked by Ramaya’s positive remarks about Pakistan filed a sedition case against her. Ramaya’s remarks comes in the response of Defence Minister Mohan Parrikar alleging analogy between hell and Pakistan.

Parrikar making a comment on the neighbouring county saying that going to hell and Pakistan is same. To this Ramaya refuted, “I respectfully disagree, Pakistan is not hell, people there are just like us.” Taking a logical dig on the whole incident, The Quint has come up with a video. The video uploaded on youtube is titled, “Ornub takes on Sedition and finds out what exactly it stands for?” (ALSO READ: Arnab Goswami of TVF is back and he promises to put Ravish Kumar out of primetime business!)

Yes, the video has Ornub from Time Pass, impersonating Arnab Goswami of Times Now. The Ornub from this video, might not be as funny as what you have seen in Arnub from The Viral Fever videos, but the video attempts to breakdown what “sedition” stands as per law.


In recent times, the word ‘Sedition” has made it’s way into news a lot of times. The video also brings back the picture of Jawaharlal Nehru University row, where students were slapped with sedition charges for raising anti-national slogan. Thus, the video becomes relevant and can help understand what “Sedition” looks like and how law looks at it.

Here watch the video:

source: The Quint