It doesn’t matter whether you’re a veteran of many films or a newbie, but being nominated for or going to Oscar Awards as a guest is quite a phenomenal achievement. Sunny Pawar, the young eight-year-old Indian child actor from Lion, charmed everyone at the Oscar Awards 2017 ceremony on February 26 in Los Angeles. Sunny is all set to give tough competition to the biggies this Awards season. He plays a young Saroo Brierley in Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman starrer Lion. He has immense charisma and confidence to match up to all the big players in the film industry. The little boy with a big smile won hearts all over with his innocent demeanor when he appeared on stage with his co-star Dev Patel at the Golden Globes to introduce their nominated drama – Lion. Sunny Pawar impressed all at the 89th Academy Awards too, from John Legend’s wife Chrissy Teigen who hugged him to Oscar Awards 2017 host Jimmy Kimmel who picked him up in his arms!

Lion, the real-life story of a young boy who gets separated from his family and then later gets adopted by an Australian family and as an adult tries to find them using Google Earth has been garnering many accolades and awards. Sunny Pawar, a Mumbai native plays the younger version of Dev Patel in the movie. Here are Top 5 facts about Hollywood’s ‘little’ big star! Oscar Awards 2017 winners: La La Land wins 6 Academy Awards! Emma Stone, Casey Affleck win Best Actor & Actress, Moonlight is Best Picture!

1. Sunny Pawar doesn’t know English and learned his line phonetically

The young actor only speaks Hindi a setback since Saroo in the film converses in English as he is tutored in an orphanage and moves to Australia later by getting adopted by an Australian family. It was tough for the young actor to emote and understand the Director Garth Davis’s instructions but he came through with some improvisation and hard work.

2. It took a casting call all over India to find Sunny Pawar

Director Garth Davis and casting director Kirsty McGregor saw over 2000 tapes before they finalized Sunny Pawar as young Saroo Brierly.

3. Sunny Pawar’s favourite movie is Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish

Sunny Pawar wants to play a superhero and maintains that his favourite movie is Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish.

4. He has an alternative career option

Sunny Pawar loves acting but his education still comes first. If he doesn’t get to become an actor when he grows up then he wants to become a cop and join Mumbai Police.

5. He’s a huge WWE fan

Sunny Pawar might have been to places on his press tour including a trip to Disneyland but one thing that he has missed is going to a WWE match. In his own words he is a huge WWE fan and loves to eat and sleep.

He has taken the world by storm. Check out some of the tweets that are doing the rounds about him.

He just got lifted by Jimmy Kimmel and what can we say, he was beyond adorable. This little guy is a star!

Check out the Lion trailer here:

So the next time someone asks you who that kid is; make sure that you not only know his name but trivia about him as well. (Photo courtesy of AMC Theatres/Twitter.)